EarthTime 2018 Free Download

By | October 16, 2017

Download Free EarthTime 2018 Free Download

EarthTime 2018 Free Download – EarthTime is an easy-to-use Windows tool that shows the local time for any location worldwide, with the help of an user-friendly and intuitive user interface.

Integrated map

In fact, the interface of the app is actually a map of the globe, revealing the setting of any kind of configured place, along with information such as city as well as country, local time, day and also day. EarthTime consists of a database of more than 3000 cities from throughout the world and also it lets you see the Planet at both day and night.

EarthTime 2018 Free Download

Establish brand-new locations

Configuring brand-new areas is as easy as pie due to the fact that you only have to locate the nation and also the city you’re trying to find. EarthTime permits you to set up a checklist of the cities to track, along with the message to present in the main home window.

Command-line assistance

A tool addressed to those with a bit extra computer understanding concerns the left, right and double-click actions to be performed in the main window, as the program triggers customers to supply the command-line as well as the parameters for each and every option.

Collaborate with alarm systems

Finally, EarthTime likewise features an alarm device that enables you to set up alarm systems for each and every set up city. Available alternatives include time, day and also weekday, with the opportunity to play a noise or display a message at the configured time.

Testing its performance

EarthTime is far from being a resource hog and also, what’s more, it works like a charm on all Windows versions. Moreover, it has definitely no worry to run on 64-bit variations of the operating system.


All things considered, EarthTime is fairly a great way to see local time for any kind of location around the world. It has most of the things you would certainly get out of this type of application, including an eye-catching interface, user-friendly modification options as well as a large database of cities from around the globe.

EarthTime 2018 Free Download

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista (32/64bit)

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Download Free EarthTime 2018 Free Download

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