How to fix Printer issues in Windows 10

By | September 9, 2015

One of the major problems most windows 10 users are facing is printer installation issues, it is either the driver is not found or the printer is not printing altogether. Which ever one your case may be, this tutorial is for you!

The first thing you do if your windows 10 operating system is not printing is to make sure that the issue is not caused by an hardware malfunction;

  • Check your ports and confirm if they are functioning properly
  • Check the cable that connects your PC to your printer
  • reboot your PC if you installed any new software or driver
  • make sure you have installed the correct printer software for your PC

After checking all of these and you are not still able to print, then troubleshoot the error with the following easy steps;

Troubleshoot using the official windows 10 printer troubleshooter

fix windows 10 printer issues

Download the official windows 10 printer troubleshooter from HERE, after downloading, run the software and select printer. This troubleshooter will scan your PC and try to check for any error or fixes like the printer driver update, printer spooler error, printer connectivity issues and many other errors that could be stopping your PC from printing.

fix windows 10 printer issues 2

Reinstall Printer Driver Software

Another way to fix printer issues in windows 10 is to uninstall any printer related software on the PC and reinstall the correct and updated driver for the printer.

To uninstall a printer driver, simply go to your control panel, search for the printer software, right click and click uninstall.

Updating the current printer driver could also do the magic as this has fixed driver issues in many occasions.

Removing the Printer from ‘devices and printers’

fix windows 10 printer issues-removing device


Removing the device is another way to fix printer issues in windows 10,  to do this, simply search for devices and printers from your start menu, right click on the printer name and click on remove.

Disconnect the printer and restart your computer. Reinstall the necessary driver software, connect the printer and start printing.

These are the basic ways for fixing printer issues in windows 10, if all the above steps do not work for you, you can contact Microsoft Windows 10 help center or drop your comment below to get assistance from our experts.

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