Ccleaner Free Download – The best Free Cleaner for Windows

By | January 10, 2017

Ccleaner Free Download – The best Free Cleaner for Windows

Ccleaner is light, Ccleaner is Free, Ccleaner is Efficient! Those are the best words I could find to describe the best, light and free cleaner for your computer and mobile.

Ccleaner is a utility software that cleans your PC from junks, unwanted files, irrelevant cookies from windows explorers and internet browsers.

This free tool was launched in the year 2003 and ever since, it remains one of the most downloaded cleaning tool and among the most popular software of all time.

Considering this tool started as a free tool, it gives users more options when it comes to windows operating system cleaning. It is also light weight, meaning it takes less than 20MB of your disk space, with great functionality.

Below are some of the reasons you should use Ccleaner

Even though Ccleaner is free to download for everyone, many do not still know why they should download and install this light weight software to their PC. Some of the reasons you should use Ccleaner us listed below;

Light Weight

Considering CCleaaner is still less than 10MB in size still remains a great surprise, considering super functions it performs.

If you need to clean your PC and you do not have the patient or resources to download large software, then CCleaner is your rightful choice. Piriform has done a great job by keeping this software’s weight to the lightest size.

Also when it comes to installation, due to the software size, it takes less than 12 seconds to install CCleaner and get it to start running.

No doubt this is one of the factors that contributed to the number of installs ccleaner have experienced over the years compare to other competitions.

Speed is also one of the advantages of CCleaner and this is also as a result of the size of the software. Ccleaner cleans faster and with limited time compare to other heavy software that performs the same functions.

Ccleaner User-Friendly Interface

This is one of the most friendly cleaning software you could find. It has a very clear menu that is self-explanatory and you do not need a manual to understand the simple interface of Ccleaner.


When you launch Ccleaner for the first time, you get to see the four main menus at the left-hand side, Cleaner, Registry Tools, Options. And with just few clicks, you could be running the tools.

Unlike many other cleaning tools where you get to deal with bulky options and menu without any clear explanations of what each does, Ccleaner labeled its menus according to what they do in the simplest form, and even a non-geek user could understand and run the tool withing minutes.

System Security

One of the primary functions of Ccleaner is to provide additional security for your PC. With the increase in online phishing and hacking, many users have been left vulnerable by cookies left on their browsers, files left from installations and many more.

Ccleaner free download solves this issue by providing the easy and quick ways to clear cookies, caches, history, junk files, saved forms, saved passwords among others.

This will prevent hackers to hijack your passwords, from your browsers or through malware found in installed software.

Increases PC Speed

If you have been experiencing unnecessary deep in your PC speed, then Ccleaner is what you need. Ccleaner increases PC speed by removing unwanted junk files, clean up your recycle bin, clears system and application temporary files, removes browser caches. All of these are what contributes to the slowness of your computer.

When I first run Ccleaner on my PC some years ago, I discovered that the speed increased by over 25% and since then. I have made Ccleaner one of my most used tools ever since.

Fixes Crash and System Error Issues (CCleaner Free Download)

When you encounter occasional crashes and you often see all sorts of errors popping out every now and then, these errors could be as a result of leftovers by uninstalled software and applications.

Ccleaner should be your first options to run when you have issues like this. Running Ccleaner means, all the leftover files by uninstalled software will be removed.

Registry Cleaner

Registry cleaner is one feature many premium antivirus do not offer, this is a feature that can save you a whole lot of headache. Having too many errors in your registry could be costly, you may have errors popping up occasionally, it could lead to your system getting slow and if you’re unlucky, it could crash your PC.

Cleaning your registry from time to time is the best way to prevent experiencing the issues above. A clean registry means a clean PC.

Ccleaner registry cleaner is the best light tool for cleaning your system registry, it takes less than 5 minutes to clean and the best part is that, it’ll give you an option to backup your current registry so that you can restore in case something goes wrong after cleaning.

How to Clean Your PC with Ccleaner

Ccleaner Free Download

Download cleaner 5.25.5


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